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As 2014 approaches, the rise of the alt-coins continues at a blistering pace. If you head over to bitcointalk.org you will notice multiple digital coins being launched every week. However, choosing which one will be successful or not can be all too difficult. Besides Bitcoin, which of these coins will be strong and healthy over the next few years?

Fortunately for us, we have what we call the clone metric. Bitcoin gave rise to numerous clones containing the SHA-256 hash as that became the golden standard amongst alt-coins early on. Then along came Litecoin with is scrypt algorithm changing the game yet again. The number of scrypt clones is too many to count, listed here there are over 100+ scrypt crypto currencies all born from Litecoin's pioneering effort. It is a leader of one of the four crypto-coin families. You can be safe to say that most likely Litecoin will be around over the next several years.

But what about Quark? Is Quark just another copycat coin, or has it introduced something new to the crypto world. We like to let the clone metric speak for itself. Below are 23 coins already based off of Quark, and the number continues to rise.

- Dimecoin
- Molecule
- Atom
- SecondsCoin
- Union Coin
- SecureCoin
- Frozen
- RVDCoin
- Cthulhu
- Particle
- ZurCoin
- Darkcoin
- C-Notes
- Photon
- Bull Coin
- FairQuark (really?)
- Anime Coin
- MiniCoin
- PlatinumCoin
- RandomQuark
- BitQuark
- QuarkBar
- Probe

List on the comments below any other clones to be added :)

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