Quark Trading Volume

Quarkcoin continues to remain stable on a slow and steady rise. But many critics of Quark claim that the initial miners are hoarding all the Quark between only a select few individuals. If that's the case, shouldn't the trading volume of Quark be relatively low in comparison to its total volume of 247 million coins?

Quark (QRK) was listed on Crypsty on July 25th just a few days after its initial launch on the 21st. Here is a screenshot of their twitter account announcing the listing.

qrk on crypst

The kind folks over at cryptocoincharts (source), supply the historical price and volume for Quark over the last 5 months since trading began on July 25th. Below is that chart with total volume for each day as each blue vertical column. You can see on 11/26/2013 that over 26,000,000 Quark traded hands, that's over 10% of its total market cap!

Quark Trading Volume

This looks like a healthy distribution and turnover. Not to mention this volume is only from the Cryptsy exchange, QRK is also traded on BTER and Coins-e. Adding those 2 exchanges in the totals, would put Quark trading hands close to 1 billion times!

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